New Procedure for Printing  from a Chromebook:

Choose File then Print from menu.

Your Print Destination may show as Save to PDF - this means do you not have a printer selected.  Choose CHANGE and a list of printers will appear.  Any printers you have been using will appear at the top under ¨Recent Destinations.¨” 

Choose a printer from the list.  All MVM printers are grouped together.  Choose the printer for your grade or for the area of the school you are in such as Library or Design Lab.  Close this window and you will see that your destination printer for this print job has changed to the one you chose.

After you have chosen your printer, click Print again.  A window will open with a green screen which says:  ¨Sign in to Print.

Sign in with your BHRSD Network username (no and password.  These are the logins you use for the desktop computers in the Library, the Design room, and the Music room.  After you enter that information, click the green “Sign in and Print” button and your job will print.